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Bill Legend T.Rex Drummer Then and Now
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Nightriders Bill Legend on his first Hayman Kit Bill Legend with Rolan Bolan Launch Party - Born to Boogie DVD Nightriders with Daryl Read

This is a band I have played with called Nightrider's. Over the years since T.Rex I have played with bands such as 'Britannia', 'Tiny Clocks', 'Zooky' (with John Lennard and Graham Smith), a reformed version of 'Legend' with Len Tucky (Suzie Quatro's guitarist), and with Daryl Read & Micky Finn. I still play with a close friend of mine, Tony Williams, who is an excellent keyboard player and I regularly play at my local church (as you will see later).

Looking back, I am very thankful for what I've been able to do and view it all with affection, including many artists and people I have met. I am also excited by the future and what God might have in store for me as I offer my abilities to Him.

Zooky Band

This is “Zooky”.... A band signed to DJM Records to record an album of original songs in the early 80’s.

From left to right, Yours truly.. Graham, John and Trevor.

Nightriders and Daryl Read (singer songwriter) promoting an album launch outside Buckingham Palace.... Would you believe... It was 15 minutes before we were moved on !

I have been involved in T.Rex re-mixes. I re-recorded the drum track for the version of 'Children of The Revolution' on the 'Till Dawn' album, which is used in the film 'Billy Elliot'. I also occasionally attend Bolan conventions. This photo was taken back stage at Shepherds Bush Empire with Marc's son, Rolan. I also gave two interviews for the DVD version of 'Born To Boogie'. One interview is with Rolan and the other is with a friend of mine, Dougal Rose, where I talk about my Christian faith. Dougal is a T.Rex fan and fellow Christian, so it was a nice interview to do. You should check it out! It's in the 'T.Rextra's' section on DVD 2 listed as 'Bill's Story'.

My first meeting with Rolan Bolan

The launch party for the 'Born To Boogie' DVD was in April 2005. Tony Visconti did such a good job in mixing the Wembley Concert in surround sound and Mark Allen (The Director) and Sanctuary Records did a brilliant and painstaking job putting together all the lost and found footage.

In this photo displaying presentation plaques are (left to Right) Myself, Mark Roberts (Sanctuary Records), Rolan & Tony Visconti

Bill behind his Tama Kit

This is my first Hayman drum kit which was my pride and joy !... I had this prior to T.Rex and used it on my first tour with the Band.

It now seems far distant compared with todays demands for quality and craftsmanship in musical instruments... However !... it served me well !

Legend Band

Legend.. Lenny, Bill and Bob