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Bill Legend T.Rex Drummer Then and Now
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Note from Fan

A note from a fan....
I believe that God was playing His hand and keeping me away from a lot of bad scenario's. I am not saying that I have always been an angel throughout my whole life, but I certainly didn't indulge in all the drink, drugs and groupies that were on offer at that time. My Christian faith tells me that God always wants what's best for us. We have our own free will so He also allows us to make our own choices and our own mistakes, but eventually one learns that the most important thing is to seek His will for your life, because His way is always the best. God doesn't want us to 'access all areas' because some of those areas are not going to be good for us. This is what I have found, even though it took a long time for me to learn it properly and to live it for real!

Weeley 1971 Stage Pass with 3 Dog Night Stage Pass Rear of stage pass

A crumpled stage pass from one of our gigs in Santa Monica.

During touring and playing with T.Rex I met and played with many U.S. and British bands including 'War', The Doobie Bros.

3 Dog Night, Elton John, Ringo Starr, The Faces, Status Que, Mountain, Humble Pie, Dr. John, Johnny and Edgar Winter, Ralph McTell, Rory Gallagher, King Crimson and many more....

Wow, didn't we have high tech. stage passes for T.Rex!

This is the back of the same T.Rex stage pass, signed by Chelita Secunda. Chelita suggested much of Marc's wardrobe in those days.

My stage pass when we were supporting '3 Dog Night' in America

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Visiting young friends in Essex

Visiting young friends in Essex

Jackie Magazine TV Appearance Apple Studios - Born to Boogie Bill and Marc discuss sound

Bill: “Marc.. can you give me some foldback” ?

Marc: “Don’t worry Bill, I’ll just turn up my amp” !

Apple Studio sessions for “Born to Boogie” feature film with the Band, Ringo and Elton