Early Life

My upbringing in the UK


I was born on 8th May 1944 in East London. My Mum was a beautiful and kind woman and I have very fond memories of her. My Father could be slightly more authoritarian at times, but I had a happy childhood with no major problems to speak of.


This is me at the age of four years old - ummm, nice hairstyle!


Aged 14. This was when I began taking an interest in drums, firstly influenced by a friend at school who played skiffle guitar. I began by simply playing with rulers on desks and then we started our first band together. We spent many evenings in his parent's kitchen playing with brushes on an old Boys Brigade drum. I had also joined a church group called 'Covenenters', and from the age of 12 had developed a faith and made a commitment as a Christian


You'll have to see if you can spot me. I am 20 years old in this photo attending a church social gathering with friends. We played games and learnt about the Bible. I always enjoyed these gatherings a lot.

During this period I trained to be an illustrator and this was to be my intended career, but my interest in music and drumming was a big hobby.

By the way, I am the third in from the left in the front row  - easy to spot!


I was hugely influenced by early Blues and Rock 'n' Roll and didn't want to be left out, so I concentrated on the rhythm - people like Booker T and the MG's, Elvis, Rick Nelson, Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, The Shadows. This was my big 'apprenticeship'. I actually saw Jimmy Page do one of his first ever gigs when I was 16 years old... By the way, this is me on the right in the burgundy jumper with one of my boyhood musician friends, Dennis. We spent many hours driving his parents crazy, rehearsing in their living room....


Bill in 2010

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My upbringing

Early Life

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